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Travel Tips

Travel Tips


It is recommended that you visit your doctor between 8 and 4 weeks before travelling to Peru and get the necessary vaccines:

Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, rabies, tetanus, and a card that proves that all vaccines were obtained.

Buying travel insurance is a very good idea, since most tourist at some point of the trip get sick, at least with traveler’s diarrhea, which is a very common disease, for which we  strongly recommend extreme caution with regards to the intake of food and water. It is always good to have an antibiotic on hand, it is also recommendable to have a basic first-aid kit containing antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, acetaminophen, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, antibacterial ointment, cortisone, bandages, paper tape, thermometer, insect repellent, and acetazolamide. The altitude sickness is also another thing to consider, people suddenly ascend from lower to higher altitude could be affected, and some of the symptoms include headaches, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia. If these symptoms last more than 36 hours, the best thing to do would be to see a doctor. Top prevent altitude sickness it  is best to stay in a place that is over 1000 m.a.s.l for at least 2 days. Another alternative is to start taking Diamox (acetazolamide) 2 days before arrival, but first ask your doctor about the possible side effects.

Pharmacies and clinics with English-speaking professionals area easy to find in the main cities of Peru. The best is to buy the pills and medicine in the big pharmacies. Below is a list of the main pharmacies and clinics in the main towns.


  • Av. Benavides 425, Miraflores – Lima
  • Av. Arequipa 4651, Miraflores – Lima
  • Av. 2 de Mayo 1105, San Isidro – Lima
  • Calle Puente Bolognesi 108, Arequipa
  • Av. Santo Domingo 113, Arequipa
  • Av. Sol 210, Cusco
  • Calle Ayacucho 175, Cusco
  • Av. Luzuriaga 435, Huaraz
  • Av. Luzuriaga 488, Huaraz
  • Calle Lima 596, Nazca
  • Av. Cesar Vallejo 1345, Trujillo

Boticas Arcangel

  • Av. Benavidez 433, Miraflores – Lima
  • Calle Puente Bolognesi 113, Arequipa
  • Av Sol 319, Cusco
  • Portal Mantas 132, Cusco
  • Av Luzuriaga 432, Huaraz
  • Diego de Almagro 603, Trujillo
  • Calle Lima 571, Nazca

Boticas BTL

  • Av. Larco 104, Miraflores – Lima
  • Av. Dos de Mayo 1608, San Isidro – Lima
  • Calle Ayacucho 224, Cusco
  • Av. Luzuriaga 596, Huaraz
  • Jr Bolivar 600, Trujillo

And Regarding clinic ans hospitañ, below there is a list Lima:

  • Clinica Anglo-Americana, La Molina, Tf: 01 2213656
  • Clinica Internacional, Washington 1471, Lima Centro, Tf: 01
  • Clinica Montesur, Av. El Polo 505, Monterrico. Tf: 01 4363630


  • Clinia San Jose, Av. Los Incas
  • Clinica Pardo, Av de la Cultura 710. Tf: 084 240387
  • Clinica Paredes, Calle Lechugal 405, Tf: 084 225265
  • Hospital Regional, Av de la Cultura s/n. Tf:: 084 239792


  • Hospital Nacional Manuel Nuñez Butron, Av. El Sol 1022. Tf: 51 369286


  • Clinica Arequipa, Puente Grau. Tf: 054 253424
  • Hospital Regional, Av. Daniel Alcides Carrion s/n. Tf: 054 219702


  • Clinica San Pablo,Huaylas 172. Tf: 043 428811
  • Hospital Regional, Luzuriaga cuadra 13. Tf: 043 424146


  • Clinica Americano-Peruano, Mansiche 702. Tf: 044 231261
  • Hospital Regional, Napoles 795. Tf: 044 231581


About Cusco

About Cusco

Often referred to as the “Archaeological Capital of the Americas”, Cusco is a beautiful city riddled with just the right mix between the indigenous and western modern world styles. It is this mix that has given Cusco its rare beauty. Most visitors are interested in getting to Machu Picchu,…


About Arequipa

About Arequipa

The city of Arequipa is the 2nd largest city in Peru and of major importance in the south zone of the country. It is the capital of the province of Arequipa (department of Arequipa) and is commonly known as “The White City” for numerous and magnificent temples, convents, homes…


About Puno

About Puno

* Puno has been designated to become a Special Economic Zone or “Zona Economica” by Peru’s president, Alan Garcia. * The area surrounding the city of Puno was where the Aymara civilization started. * Puno has been named the “Capital folklórica del Perú” (folkloric capital of Peru) from its…